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Study of chemical vapor deposition CVD grown transparent conducting Dissertation

Investigation of concoction fume affidavit CVD developed straightforward leading oxides (TCO) - Dissertation Example The outcomes show that examples AGC-U and TEC 8 are both fit for use as semiconductor materials however the electrical conductivity of TEC 8 is better than that for AGC-U. In addition with regards to tests 198-219 the electrical properties, (for example, sheet opposition, versatility, resistivity and transporter focus) will in general change as the doping levels are fluctuated. The best electrical properties can be ascribed to Sample 200 (with a doping level of 0.6 M) as it has the most noteworthy conductivity. It was additionally discovered that fluorine doped examples had higher resistivity and that the mean transmission and mean reflection change as the doping levels of fluorine are changed. The mean transmission changes somewhere in the range of 46.95% and 63.21% while the mean reflection fluctuates somewhere in the range of 2.21% and 4.25%. Test 198 had the most noteworthy transmission while Sample 213 had the least transmission and reflection. It was additionally discovered that the pinnacle position didn't fluctuate as the degrees of fluorine doping were changed. Anyway the power (Lin tally) will in general change as fluorine doping levels are changed. Test 213 (0 M) had the most minimal forces while Sample 198 (0.4 M) had the most noteworthy pinnacle.

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Some academics and opinion leaders have considered 'gatewatching' and Essay

A few scholastics and feeling pioneers have considered 'gatewatching' and 'produsage' the main thrusts of Web 2.0. With re - Essay Example (What Is Web 2.0) Many academicians everywhere throughout the world have begun doing a top to bottom investigation on the idea of the Web 2.0 and have discovered that ‘gatewatching’ and ‘produsage’ have become the main impetuses of this web created assortment of uses. These terms have been additionally clarified inside this paper concerning different circles like mechanical assembly, aggregate insight and democratization and how this has assisted with promoting engender the act of utilizing the Web 2.0. Gatewatching is essentially a term used to allude to the procedure whereby which individuals will in general post diverse intriguing stories and bits of news everywhere throughout the web. This is totally outfitted every once in a while on various sites and individuals can access the equivalent through web indexes by composing in watchwords. It is a useful and indispensable piece of Web 2.0 in light of the fact that it has helped countless individuals in look ing and discovering data according to their requirements concerning dependable sources everywhere throughout the web. This is a training that has been followed in the field of resident news coverage also. It is otherwise called ‘gatekeeping’ news since anybody can post completely anything regarding any subject of concern and that is the reason it has helped in making various discussions everywhere throughout the world too. For instance, in late news, the organizer of Wikileaks, Julian Assange was captured for having spilled out fundamental data and reports through such methods of resident news-casting; Wikileaks is a site whereby which news and stories are posted secretly by columnists and individuals everywhere throughout the world. Anybody can come ahead and submit data of significance to others, and once it has been checked by the division at the site, it is distributed for general society so as to peruse and confirm insights about a specific point within reach. (Gat ewatching and Citizen Journalism) There are various networks and gatherings that complete gatewatching too, rather than distinct individuals presenting their data somewhere else on to various sites. They help to offer a vastly improved viewpoint alongside a gathering of conversation from individuals all around the globe with respect to whatever has been going on or whatever has been posted. Axel Bruns, alongside two other of his associates, started the Gatewatching blog where the site is run with the assistance of data that they get from everywhere throughout the world regarding significant occasions occurring in Australia, and now as of late, all over the place. They have likewise, through the site, attempted to advance the idea of resident news coverage, by assuming the undertaking of announcing significant occasions occurring during the Australian races from the late 2008 and onwards. Such sites are exceptionally educational and give conclusions regard to whatever has been going on, to assist the average folks who probably won't know about what has been going on in the news in their environmental factors. They assist individuals with detailing their own feelings and not get influenced by a specific position on a specific subject of issue or intrigue. In this manner, it helps an incredible in achieving majority rule government inside a nation. In nations like China where the legislature will even make the necessary strides, similar to it

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Does My Friend or Loved One Have an Eating Disorder

Does My Friend or Loved One Have an Eating Disorder Eating Disorders Diagnosis Print Do You Know Someone Who Has an Eating Disorder? Diagnosing Eating Disorders in a Culture That Promotes It By Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS facebook twitter linkedin Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, is a certified eating disorders expert and clinical psychologist who provides cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Learn about our editorial policy Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD, CEDS Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on November 16, 2016 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on December 03, 2019 NicolasMcComber/Getty Images More in Eating Disorders Diagnosis Symptoms Treatment Awareness and Prevention Because eating disorder symptoms are often aligned with cultural norms, it may be hard to distinguish whether a friend or loved one has an eating disorder. For example, our society considers it virtuous to “eat clean,” restrict carbs, and exercise intensively. However, these same behaviors could be symptoms of an eating disorder. No other mental health diagnosis shares this property; people do not typically wish upon themselves symptoms consistent with depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder the way they desire to have symptoms consistent with some eating disorders. Stacey Rosenfeld, Ph.D. highlighted this phenomenon when she titled her book, Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder? In private communication, Dr. Rosenfeld wrote: We have a culture that supports disordered eating, in the form of extreme dieting, overexercising and compensating for the food we eat. People are praised for engaging in these behaviors and for losing weight at all costs. All of this makes it challenging for some individuals with eating disorders to understand and address their concerns. Ive seen clients present with eating disorders who arent even aware they have a disorder because they view their eating behavior as within normal limits in a disordered culture. This backdrop of the disorder can make a diagnosis â€"  and recovery â€" more challenging. The war on obesity has made it relatively common for even medical professionals to make paradoxical recommendations. Low-calorie diets, intermittent fasting, significant weight loss, and even stomach emptying  devicesâ€"red flags for an eating disorder diagnosisâ€"are sometimes prescribed for larger patients. Adding to the confusion, it is also not rare for people with eating disorders, especially those with restrictive eating disorders, to lack the awareness that they have an eating disorder. This condition, called anosognosia,  is a frequent symptom of the illness. When confronted about whether they might have an eating disorder, many people will deny or discount it. Who Gets Eating Disorders? The prevailing stereotype is that eating disorders only affect thin affluent white teenage females. As a consequence, anyone who doesn’t fit this stereotype may not recognize their eating disorder, and their symptomatic behaviors may fail to attract the attention of family and friends. Research has shown that when presented with a set of symptoms consistent with an eating disorder, even mental health professionals are less likely to assign a diagnosis to a patient portrayed as African American than to one portrayed as Caucasian or Hispanic. In actuality, eating disorders affect people of all sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses, and are not always expressed in stereotyped ways.  Eating disorders often express differently in males, ?with males commonly reporting greater concerns around muscularity.  Since this attitude runs counter to that most commonly seen in females with an eating disorder (a desire for thinness), males may not realize they have an eating disorder. While patients with anorexia nervosa are expected to always appear very thin,  restrictive eating disorders can occur in people who are larger.  This means that larger patients who remain in an overweight  category despite losing a significant amount of weight  can exhibit the same medical issues as a patient who meets the full criteria for anorexia nervosa. Yet merely due to their size, they rarely get the proper medical or mental health attention than thinner patients do. What Are  the Different Types of Eating Disorders? The most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) lists four primary diagnoses that affect adolescents and adults: Binge eating disorder  Bulimia nervosaAnorexia nervosa  ???Other specified feeding and eating disorder (OSFED) This last category exists because many people with eating disorders do not fully meet the criteria for one of the other three main disorders. They may present with symptoms similar to one or the other or a combination of them. Furthermore, the line between disorder and well-being is not well-defined:  between the extremes, there is a group of people who suffer from various degrees of disordered eating but are not diagnosable. These people may suffer similarly to those who meet full criteria and more often go untreated. What Symptoms Should I Be Concerned About? The following symptoms may indicate that someone has an eating disorder: Frequent weight fluctuations, significant weight loss, or being significantly underweightFrequent dieting behavior and/or preoccupation with dietingPresence of purging, laxative or diuretic usePresence of binge eating (eating a large amount of food in a discrete period of time with a seeming loss of control)Presence of excessive exercisePoor body imageAvoidance of eating or excuses for not eatingUsing the bathroom or showering after mealsDisappearance of food (which may indicate binge eating) Dieting, weight fluctuations, excessive exercise, and poor body image, each on their own, may not be a sign of an eating disorder. Eating disorders may also look different in children. If a loved one is showing the above signs, the next questions to ask are whether a preoccupation with eating, shape, and weight are negatively impacting their life. For example, does it interfere with their ability to concentrate, sleep, socialize, or work? Has there been a recent noticeable shift in these behaviors? If so, further evaluation is advised. Do not be put off if your loved one insists there is not a problem. This is often a symptom of the illness. Even if you feel that they might not be sick enough, it is best to err on the side of caution. Early intervention and treatment can reduce the length of illness and improve chances for a full recovery. A Message From  Verywell Were glad youre reaching out to learn more about eating disorders. Friends and family members can play an important role in their loved ones eating disorder recovery. It is important to understand that recovery from an eating disorder can be challenging and takes time, but, especially with treatment, the chances for full recovery are good. The National Eating Disorders Association also provides tips on talking to a family member or friend.

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Essay on Freedom of Speech - 1272 Words

Our forefathers worked to ensure we could enjoy civil liberties that they were unable to under British rule. In the First Amendments one of the liberties detailed is freedom of speech, specifically in that Congress will not enact a law that is â€Å"abridging the freedom of speech.† In 1925 the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment applies to each state ensuring that the constitutional right to free speech is protected from interference by the government. Freedom of speech can only be upheld so long as the content of which does not violate the law. In 2002 a high school senior, Joseph Frederick, revealed a banner for the Olympic Torch Relay while it was in town on its journey to the winter games. The banner read â€Å"Bong Hits 4†¦show more content†¦It was because the banners pro-drug message contradicts the school districts own drug policy. Its easier to agree with censorship when its to hinder a message encouraging illegal behavior, but what about legal beh aviors? Religion in school has been a legal issue since 1948 in the McCollum v. Board of Education case in which a nonreligious student was punished and singled out during a religious instruction. Why does the First Amendment state â€Å"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof† and yet student-led prayers at school functions are banned by court order in the Santa Fe Independent School District? Annie Laurie Gaylor wrote, â€Å"It is dishonest to call any prayer voluntary that is encouraged or required by a public official or legislature. By definition, if the government suggests that students pray, whether by penning the prayer, asking them to vote whether to pray, or setting aside time to pray, it is endorsing and promoting that prayer† (Gaylor 680). A government that endorses the religious activities of one religion over another aids in the segregation of the student body and opens the door to discr imination, much like in 1948. Freedom of speech isnt exactly perfect. If allowing prayer in school leads to discrimination, then what does vulgar language lead to if our media is saturated with it? InShow MoreRelatedSpeech : Freedom Of Speech1364 Words   |  6 Pages Even though freedom of speech can be tricky, understanding what can be said under the first amendment is key. This will give you more confidence when you re talking about current events, it ll inhibit social interaction, but the biggest reason of all is understanding your rights will keep you out of jail. Even the supreme court struggles to determine what exactly constitutes protected speech. When trying to see if your covered by the first amendment, certain questions have to be displayed. AreRead MoreSpeech On Freedom Of Speech1484 Words   |  6 Pages Abby Koopmann Ethics Freedom of Speech Professor Hunt Culver Stockton College Freedom of Speech Americans have many freedoms that people in other countries can only wish they had. Just imagine a life where you could possibly be killed for speaking your mind and stating your opinion, other countries are living lives like that. According to Katy Davis, The United States ratified the first amendment on December 15th 1791 (Davis, n.d). We as a country don’t know where the governmentRead MoreFreedom Of Speech : Speech1105 Words   |  5 Pages Freedom of Speech Freedom of Speech, part of the First Amendment, is a privileged right that should not be taken lightly. The Milo Bill is said to protect students’ right to their freedom of speech on school grounds. It was introduced at Tennessee’s State House and is named after Milo Yiannopoulos, a British public speaker who made a career out of â€Å"trolling† liberals and gained publicity for uncalled-for acts, such as racist and harassing comments on Twitter, which got him banned from the socialRead MoreSpeech : The Freedom Of Speech Essay1624 Words   |  7 PagesCitizens of the United States are privileged to the freedom of speech under the First Amendment, but the constitutional limits of the freedom of speech have been questioned on multiple occasions. Citizens of the United States have called upon the Supreme Court numerous times to interpret the meaning of the First Amendment, and the court has censored some forms of speech such as obscene speech --which has been pr ohibited--and indecent or pornographic speech--which has been regulated (Barrett, 1999). PublicRead MoreSpeech On Freedom Of Speech3937 Words   |  16 PagesZhiyuan Li Philosophy 2367 Freedom of Speech A couple of months ago, University of Chicago’s president Robert J. Zimmerin expressed his concern about freedom of speech on campus in a Wall Street Journal article: Free speech is at risk at the very institution where it should be assured: the university †¦ Invited speakers are disinvited because a segment of a university community deems them offensive, while other orators are shouted down for similar reasons. Demands are made to eliminate readings thatRead MoreFree Speech : Freedom Of Speech1403 Words   |  6 PagesFREE SPEECH Freedom of speech is perhaps the most precious tenets of liberal democracies accorded to the citizens of the free world. The United States, and the rest of the Western society is known to be the cradle of democratic principles, and this can be evidenced by the level of freedom accorded to the citizens of the United States and the West in terms of speech. The freedom of speech gives an individual an opportunity to speak his or her mind and also give his or her opinion, sometimes on veryRead MoreFreedom Of The Media And Freedom Of Speech1540 Words   |  7 Pageswhen Socrates was forced to drink poison for his â€Å"corruption of youth† (Mette), which can be seen as silencing one man for the betterment of everyone, but there is always an ample amount of opinions on such a controversial topic as Freedom of the press, or Freedom of Speech. Many nations today believe that very strict and regulated system of governing the media and entertainment is the best answer, such as China, w here â€Å"censorship was considered a legitimate instrument for regulating the moral and politicalRead MoreFree Speech Or Freedom Of Speech Essay911 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction America is known as The Land of Freedom, basically we are entitled for legal freedom to do whatever we wanted to. However, the freedom of speech has been challenged by many university students and educators recently. In their argument, they believe that free speech has triggered students’ unhappiness and jeopardize campus’ safety. What is the free speech or freedom of speech? According to dictionary, freedom of speech is the right of people to express their opinions publicly withoutRead MoreFreedom of Speech3842 Words   |  16 PagesFreedom of speech Freedom of speech  is the freedom to speak freely without  censorship. The synonymous term  freedom of expression  is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on hate speech. The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a  humanRead MoreFreedom Of Speech : Speech And Expression898 Words   |  4 PagesWhen the words, â€Å"freedom of speech† are uttered today, it brings about much conflict and tension. The vagueness of the First Amendment is a pretty good indication of how different times were back when the Constitution and everything along with it were created. Back then, all the Founding Fathers wanted was the establish a democracy using the lessons they had learned from the tyranny of the British King. They wanted more freedom and power to the people. In the modern era, everything has changed, and

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Gender Inequality A Global Issue - 756 Words

Keisha Theodore 12/05/16 Gender inequality: Economics Gender inequality is a global issue as no country has achieved gender parity. I chose this topic because I am a female and will soon be entering the work force and this information pertains to not only me, but to other females who are unaware. I think it is important that we stay informed, so that we can work together to solve this issue. I think gender inequality is an issue that should be addressed for the reason that it goes against the civil rights act listed in the fourteenth amendment in the US Constitution and that it impacts the whole global economy. According to the World Economic Forum gender inequality costs the United States alone $1.2 trillion yearly. A report titled, â€Å"The Power of Parity: How Advancing Women’s Equality can add $12 trillion to Global Growth.† By Mckinsey Global Institute is a 145-page report that goes into detail about females in the work and the positive effect that it can have in the world economy. As sta ted in this report,† $28 trillion of additional annual GDP in 2025 in the full potential scenario of bridging the gender gap.† This means that if we were to disregard gender in the work place and allow full equality we can add a total of almost $30 trillion to the global GDP. Some women are discouraged when it comes to working in the work field, so getting rid of gender discrimination is a good step towards encouraging women to get out there and working. The US constitution isShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On Global Gender Inequality Issues1334 Words   |  6 Pages Global Gender Inequality Issues Continuing Problem Gains and Progress More than 110 million children in the world are not in school. Among them two third of it accounts for girls. Some of the developing countries including Jamaica, Philippines and South Africa has worked on gender inequalities and made such policies that women literacy rate has gone higher. Women represents an average of less than 10% in the parliaments of various countries around the world. In 2005 Iraqi government decided thatRead MoreThe Effects Of Gender Inequality On India1604 Words   |  7 PagesEffects of Gender Inequality in India Gender inequality in India has taken a toll on various aspects of everyday life. Unequal treatment of the sexes in India has determined one’s standing on the social hierarchy. It has also caused a sole gender to dominate the majority of power in government. It also has caused a single gender’s opinions to be unheard and completely disregarded. Unfortunately, India’s unequal treatment among genders has caused women to be more susceptible to diseases. Gender inequalityRead MoreMod B: Critical Study Essay- speeches (Lessing + Atwood)1035 Words   |  5 Pagesresponse in their intended audience and offer solutions to complex global issues. These issues are complex because they do not have a clear answer and hence, remains a controversial topic and reverberates across time. Therefore, the solutions offered by these speeches also resonates beyond the contextual audience and holds value for the modern responder. Lessing spoke to the general public, through the Nobel l ectures, to discuss the issue of world poverty. She focused her speech on the relationship betweenRead MoreDiscrimination Against Women s Rights1543 Words   |  7 PagesRights Discrimination against women has been a phenomenon for centuries, lack of women’s rights and equality is a long overdue issue that needs to be abolished. The need to make a concrete connection between human rights and women’s rights is ironic considering that one half of the global population is female (Hawkins 1). Gender inequality is the pressing current human rights issue, including disparities in education, employment, healthcare, power and decision-making, violence, and poverty that impactsRead MoreGender Inequality : A Good Understanding Of The Social Inequality Essay1487 Words   |  6 PagesAs a female college student I feel the necessity to have a good understanding of the social inequalities around me. Although, women have socially grown with more power over the years, it is not enough to equalize with the men. For example, the pay gap difference between men and women for not having the â€Å"testosterone bonus† even though the same education and quali fications are present. I hope that over time I will be able to experience a change and have the same equal rights as men because I feelRead MoreGlobal Citizenship And The Rights Of Women920 Words   |  4 PagesGlobal Citizenship and the Rights of women Global Citizen A â€Å"Global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices.† (, 2016). Global citizens are all of us who identify with taking action against world issues. Global Citizenship (cosmopolitism) looks at us as needing to be patriotic to our nation-state, but also needing to put humanity and the greater good globally firstRead MoreGender Inequality : A Social Problem1016 Words   |  5 PagesGender inequality is a social problem that is widespread in society. It is referred to as the unfair treatment of individuals based on one s gender. Historically, laws have opposed women to go to school, access certain jobs, and purchase property. Gender inequality has been experience through culture – honor-killing, sex-selective abortion, and society – occupation, gender roles, and education. The social expectations of men and women differ b etween cultures that are constructed socially and culturallyRead MorePublic Perception Of Global Poverty1433 Words   |  6 PagesAllison Miller Instructor Khe Midterm Essay 13 February 2016 The public perception of global poverty is one where they assume that the poor economic conditions in developing countries are associated with poor working conditions, bad pay, and long hours. In other words, globalization in developing countries is seen as having sweatshops, with child labor, and a certain lack of basic human rights. Women and children are also seen as being the recipients of even poorer working and living conditionsRead MoreThe Longest War Rebecca Solnit Analysis882 Words   |  4 Pagesaddresses the issues of gender inequalities and violence against women in her essay â€Å"The Longest War.† Solnit’s purpose is to shed a light onto the inequitable and often detrimental treatment of women, and to emphasize the need for change. She utilizes a compelling, matter-of-fact tone to optimize the effect her words will have on her readers, both male and female. â€Å"The Longest War† by Rebecca Solnit employs the rhetorical strategies of substance and context to highlight gender issues worldwide, andRead MoreGender Inequality : A Critical Issue That Affects Women s Rights1662 Words   |  7 PagesGender Inequality Research Paper Gender inequality is a critical issue that affects more women than their male counterparts all around the world. Gender inequality is a form of legal discrimination towards women’s rights. In order to progress and grow as a community and society, gender equality needs to be acknowledged. According to LISTVERSE, the top ten â€Å"extreme† examples of gender inequality towards women that exists around the world today, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa, are

Six Dimensions of Health Free Essays

Associate Level Material Six Dimensions of Health Worksheet Part 1 For each of the following six dimensions of health, list at least one characteristic, activity, belief, or attitude that reflects that dimension in your life. Provide a brief explanation with each example. Refer to Ch. We will write a custom essay sample on Six Dimensions of Health or any similar topic only for you Order Now 1 in the text for explanations of these dimensions. Physical health: When I am eating right exercising and getting enough rest I am less prone to illness, stress and exhaustion. When I have done these things in my life I find that I function on a daily basis a lot better. With exercise and a healthy diet you release happy endorphins which minimize stress and allow me to focus and complete task effectively. Social health: Social health reminds me of what we learned about social and academic writing, I have found they have a lot of similarities. The ones that I have noticed is that you need to be able to maintain a certain level of professionalism when interacting with certain people. , work staff and clients. There are certain conversations and behaviors that are not acceptable with everyone. My personal relationships with my friends and family allow me to vent about the work place or to seek personal advice that I could not get ask for in my work environment. Intellectual health: it allows me to review what has happened in the past and make a reasonable assumption of what will happen in the future. For instance, I have found that when I hire people that are in the business for 20 years they are not interested in following most likely not to follow the structure of the company; as if you hire a new person fresh they do not have any other experience. So there for I like to hire new people out of school because they can be molded to the SportClips way. Environmental health: Keeping a clean environment and not doing things that are detrimental to the environment. I do my part by doing things such as not using harsh chemicals in my daily life and recycling. Maintaining a health work environment for the people in interact with on a daily basis. Emotional health: To me this refers to my job and my daily life, at times I am extremely overwhelmed and I have to remember not to displace my frustrations or emotions in the wrong place. A lot of times when I get overwhelmed I get very irritable and and become discourages depending on the situation. Spiritual health: I think this is a combination of things that are backed by your faith system and religious beliefs. I was raised in a christian household and I think that these things have taught me to follow a certain value system. Your faith system should teach you to be a better person and live by a certain moral code on how you treat yourself and others. Part 2 In approximately 125 to 200 words, describe health and wellness in your own words using the ideas and concepts for each of the six dimensions of health. In my opinion health and wellness means to take care of yourself and each of these plays a major part in that. Physical health has to do with your body, ability to fight off disease. Social has to do with your ability to successfully maintain appropriate relationships. Intellectual refers to critical thinking and your ability to analyze certain situations. Emotional has to do with how you properly express emotions. Environmental has to do with your respect for the environment around you and helping to protect it. Spirituality has to do with your values system based on your religious beliefs. How to cite Six Dimensions of Health, Essay examples

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The Tsetse Fly free essay sample

The tsetse fly poses many dangers to the environment and to animals. This fly has been responsible for conveying a disease called African trypoanosomiasis (sleeping sickness). Sleeping sickness can be fatal, and in areas of interest it is responsible for 40,000 deaths per year- just in humans. Considering that there are 23 different species of tsetse flies, this could pose a problem. 2. Traditionally, scientists would trap the flies using electric blue cloth (this would attract the them). Upon touching the cloth, they would be killed if not instantly, soon after by the insectidies that were proirly sprayed on the cloth. Additionally, the use of chemicals was considered as a way to trap the insects and kill them. However, it was not economically successful. 3. This technique is environmentally clean and safe. Not many non-targets would be effected except for the insects that were also attracted to the colour of the cloth, such as horse flies. We will write a custom essay sample on The Tsetse Fly or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The chemicals sprayed into the cloth was minimal and therefore, didn`t cause a big threat to the environment. This technique includes breeding large numbers of the fly in a laboratory and using radiation to sterilize them. This way when they are introduced back into the environment, they cannot create any offspring. This prevents the disease to spread as fast. It is very efficent in sterilizing the male flies, and poses little to no problems for the non-target speices living with the tsetse flies. 2. SIT is sustainable because it has no effect on non-target species. The only problem that could be considered at this point in time is that some people object to sterilizing insects, as well as the effects arent fully known of the radiation. Yes, this is a viable alternative to traiditonal methods. In fact, scientists have been using SIT for tsetse flies for a while now. 4. Absolutely not. Although scientists are working to get this technique to all the countries that need it, they are not fully successful at this point. However, Africa which would probably be in most need of this technique, does have access. Scientists have been working in laboratories near and around many towns in Africa which desperately need the help. 5. The SIT would work in any conditions.